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Alienation announced for PS4

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Housemarque’s second PS4 game, Alienation, was announced just moments ago at Sony’s Gamescom press conference. The game is described as part spiritual successor to Dead Nation as well as an entirely new concept. In addition to featuring many things that you might come to expect from a Housemarque game (score chasing, online co-op, tons of particle effects, etc.) the game also aims to expand upon those ideas.

Alienation will feature:

– A devastating array of conventional, hybrid and Alien weaponry that will allow you to eliminate the Alien swarms in massively destructible environments
– Different player classes, key skills upgrades and customization for weapons to create the hero character that suits the way you play
– 4-players co-op and the possibility to invade other players as mercenary bounty hunters
– Loot and clues collectibles to learn the truth behind the Alien invasion
– Stats tracking and comparisons against other players

We’ll learn more about Alienation in the coming months but for now you can check out the announcement trailer embedded above.