Rogue Legacy coming to PS4, PS3, and Vita on July 29th

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Rogue Legacy, one of my favorite games from last year, will be releasing on July 29th for the PS4, PS3, and Vita with full cross-buy and cross-save support. The game is a rogue-lite in which you must conquer an ever-changing castle. With each death the layout of the castle completely changes and your child takes your place. Each child has their own unique quirks and abilities while also inheriting any money that you’ve earned.

The console version of Rogue Legacy, in addition to cross-buy and cross-save, will feature all of the content from the PC version (content patches included) as well as a platinum trophy. While an official price wasn’t mentioned in today’s announcement the PC version originally ran for $14.99 so you can probably expect something similar for the console versions.

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]