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Patapon Heroes Invade Destiny of Spirits

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From now until August 20th, Destiny of Spirits players can get their Don-Chaka on through a Patapon 3 limited summoning. Featuring a total of 22 spirits from the 2011 PSP game, you can expect to bring some of the familiar Uberhero Patapon into battle on your PS Vita.

This coincides with the new Dragons Summit Daily Raid Event in the game.

Patapon joins Soul Sacrifice Delta, Doko Demo Issyo, Gravity Rush, and Knack as Sony IPs that have been featured in the game. Looking at that group of titles you’ll quickly notice that they’re all Japanese. I wonder what other SCE Japan Studio products will join Destiny of Spirits next. Maybe Ape Escape, or what about Wild Arms? Gran Turismo has to be coming, right? On second thought, there would be at least four different Super Rare Nissan Skylines … Which Sony IP would like to see next in Destiny of Spirits?

In related news, the Japan-only Vita version of Million Arthur will be hosting a collaboration campaign with Destiny of Spirits. This crossover sees some of the original spirits from Destiny of Spirits Asia enter into Square Enix’s online card RPG.

Oh, one last thing, North American PlayStation Plus subscribers are now able to get 35 Destiny Orbs monthly at no additional cost.

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