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New Update Brings Killzone, Badman, Neo World To Destiny of Spirits

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With one week left in the Holiday themed Holly and Jolly raid event, PS Vita’s free-to-play Destiny of Spirits is now looking at what’s ahead. Amusingly, that future consists largely of looking at the past. Destiny of Spirits has had many collaborations with series like Gravity Rush, God of War, Sonic, Soul Sacrifice, and now it’s time for Killzone. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Guerrilla’s first-person shooter franchise, Destiny of Spirits will offer Killzone Limited Summons from December 25th through February 5th. There will also be a Killzone themed raid event for one week starting December 25th. To kick the anniversary off, players will receive the Assault Infantry and Sniper spirits for free after tonight’s maintenance.


Killzone isn’t the only anniversary being celebrated by Destiny of Spirits this month. To commemorate one year since the Japanese launch of No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either, series protagonist (antagonist?) Badman will be gifted to all players on December 25th.

These festivities are just a part of a much larger Destiny of Spirits revamp. Launching on December 25th, Destiny of Spirits will be running the Neo World chapter. This will include title updates 1.09 and 1.10 which add a new battle system and more than 50 new spirits. Here’s some of the changes you can expect to see:

■Update ver.1.09

Period: December 25, 2014 – After the scheduled maintenance.

Content / Bonuses
– Change the game system so that Light spirits are powered up on Great Blessing days
– Change the game system so that Dark spirits are powered up on Bad Luck days
– Add feature of increasing the battle speed
– Change the voice of Kichipee during battle to that of Shuhei Yoshida from SCE
– Add continuous summon feature
– Additional spirit slot (5 slots for 100 Yen / up to 30 slots)
– Increase the reward from 50 to 300 when the spirit has been rented out to other users
– Add a function which centers the screen on the area you were just in upon returning to the world map
– Other bug fixes
– Preparations for future events

■Update ver.1.10

Period: January 2015

Content / Bonuses
– Unlock new continent Part 1: Mu
– Implement a new battle system
– Change the game system so status bonuses are added to spirits which have already reached their maximum Limit Break level when merged with the same spirit
– Other bug fixes
– Preparations for future events

Players buying sets of 500/580 Orbs or 1000 Orbs will be given the all new SR spirit Kichipee [Metal]. The new spirit, who is also available through Advance Summoosn, will have its battle voice performed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Shuhei Yoshida. To celebrate the start of 2015, all Destiny of Spirits players will receive the Bonda spirit for free. Lastly, the SR drop rate for local Advanced Summons will be 5 times normal. A lot of this stuff varies per region, so be sure to check out the admin blog post.

The first raid event of this new Destiny of Spirits will be Villains Redeemed, where players attempt to change the evil of ways of the guide spirit doppelgangers. It runs from January 1st through the 15th.