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Four New Tables Coming to Pinball Arcade

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FarSight Studios has announced that four new tables will be coming to Pinball Arcade for PS3 and PS Vita on July 15th, and PS4 on July 22nd.

The four tables are:

  • Black Night 2000 (1989)
    • This table is about speed and quick reactions. It features an upper and lower level, U-Turn and Skyway Loop shots, and a Drawbridge that lowers to reveal a ramp.
  • WHO dunnit (1995)
    • As Nick Spade, players collect clues, interrogate suspects and catch killers. A functioning slot machine and a unique scoot ramp could lead to raising, lowering or exiting the casino elevator.
  • High Speed (1986)
    • Inspired by personal experiences of designer Steve Ritchie, this table puts players in the role of a driver who is not planning on stopping and flies over ramps and speeds down highways.
  • Junk Yard (1996)
    • Collect pieces of junk to build contraptions to escape Crazy Bob’s Junk Yard. This table as known as “The Meanest Game in the Whole Darn Town.”
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A Kickstarter for an Addams Family pinball table will be launched this summer. FarSight has agreed upon terms with all of the major licenses so that the table can be created.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]