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PSNStores Pinball Arcade Tournament

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If you love Pinball, and a bit of friendly competition, you’ve come to the right place. PSNStores will be holding a Pinball Arcade tournament for all you loyal readers. To sign up, just send a quick friend request to contestps on PSN. Below are the rules, and an FAQ list.


Every week, I will randomly select a new table to play on. The table selected could be ANY table, including the DLC, so make sure you have or are able to buy the tables for every week. Again, the tournament will last for 8 whole weeks, so make sure you have the money to buy some tables if need be.

I will announce the table on Sunday, and you can start trying to set your score for the competition the day after, on Monday. You will have one week to set your score (Monday-Sunday, I will start tallying scores at approximately Sunday, 3:00 PM CST) on that table, and at the end of the week I will, tally up the scores and award points to the top scorers. So, for example if I got the top score of the week, I would get 5 points, second would get 4, and so on.

You can play as many times as you want, and I will take your highest score on the weekly scoreboard. Depending on how many people we get, I might split the league into two divisions, so more information on that closer to the league’s start date.


When does the tournament start?

The first table will be announced Sunday, July 28th and competition will start the day after on the 29th. I will take late sign-ups, so if you are just viewing this now, feel free to send that friend request and get started right away!

What can I play on to set my score?

You can play across both your Vita and PS3.

What if the scoreboard glitches and I lose my score?

Sadly, there is nothing I can do. However, I suggest if you pull an awesome score, you take a screenshot and send it to me at noah@psnstores.com. As long as I get it before that Sunday, I will use that for your score.

What is the prize for the tournament?

The winner will receive a voucher for some PSN cash. [UPDATE] We have some PSNStores editors in the mix now, and they cannot win a prize. It’s just like a giveaway; it’s for you, readers! Due to where we live, you will have to use a PSN Account from North America.

If you have any questions, or you think I left anything out of my explanation, feel free to ask/tell me in the comments below. Have fun, and let the smack talk commence.