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Destiny of Spirits Celebrates 500,000 Downloads

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Destiny of Spirits, a free-to-play PS Vita exclusive from Q Entertainment, launched globally in late March of this year and has already amassed 500,000 downloads. To celebrate this milestone, the game’s development team are preparing a campaign for players consisting of a special raid event, the return of older cameo summons as well as discounts on Destiny Orbs and Spirit rentals.


Friend in Need is the latest Raid Event where players confront the chaos doppelgangers of the three spirit guides; Tsukuyomi (Asia), Iyatiku (Americas) and Verdandi (Europe). Like always, the spirits you encounter will vary per day:

【Monday】 Reverdandi [Fire], Reiyatiku [Earth], Miyokutsu [Light]
【Tuesday】 Reverdandi [Fire]
【Wednesday】 Reverdandi [Fire], Reiyatiku [Earth], Miyokutsu [Light]
【Thursday】 Reverdandi [Fire], Reiyatiku [Earth], Miyokutsu [Light]
【Friday】 Reverdandi [Fire], Reiyatiku [Earth], Miyokutsu [Light]
【Saturday】 Reiyatiku [Earth]
【Sunday】 Miyokutsu [Light]

Friend In Need runs from July 31st to August 12th.

Those looking to lean on a friend for help should take note that Spirit rentals have dropped 80% from their normal spirit point price.

Destiny Orbs are now available at a special 20% discount during the campaign. Additionally, a new 1000 orb pack is available for purchase.

Lastly, all of the previous Limited Summons like Knack, Gravity Rush, Toro and Soul Sacrifice Delta have returned.

The dates for the festivities varies per region:
Asia: July 31, 2014 (Thurs) – August 13, 2014 (Wed)
Americas: July 29, 2014 (Tue) – August 11, 2014 (Mon)
Europe: July 30, 2014 (Wed) – August 14, 2014 (Thurs)

While not related to the celebrations, those heading to Gamescom 2014 should bring their Vita along with them to receive the Super Rare Spirit Ouranos:


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