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Next Week’s Destiny Of Spirits Update Adds New Spirits And Spirits Almanac

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Q? and Sony Computer Entertainment’s Destiny of Spirits has a lot of maintenance, some planned while others … not so much. Next Wednesday’s planned maintenance will bring a bunch of requested features to the free-to-play game:

– Adds a Spirits Almanac
– Increases the maximum number of spirit slots that can be added by spending Destiny Orbs (by 10)
– Improves the lock and sell buttons
– Allows points to be received in batches from the mailbox
– Time will stop when a friend assists in battle.
– Adjusts the process by which trades are performed
– Adds new spirits to regular summons (6 UC spirits)
– Changes the game icon on the Home screen
– Other bug fixes
– Preparation for further events

This will be followed by the Dragonslayers in-game event, which allows players to take on the powerful beasts in battle. As part of this event, all users registered prior to the first of July will receive a Super Rare Wizard summon as a gift. The Dragonslayers event has some conditions unique to each Destiny of Spirits region, so be sure to read the one that applies to you:


Lastly, this week saw a refresh in the spirits you can obtain through real-world hunts. You can check out the full list here. Those in the area of the Los Angeles convention centre for E3 should take notice, Fenghuang is available.

I’m very appreciative of the lock/sell button fix. I accidentally sold one of my main spirits for practically nothing during a session of constant merging. The Spirits Almanac should also breath some new life into the game as I have a goal to collect them all.