New Resogun update features ship editor, co-op, and more trophies

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In preparation for the upcoming Heroes expansion all Resogun players will find a free update for the game available starting tomorrow. This update adds a new ship editor, local co-op, more trophies, and fixes some exploits that were in the original game.

The ship editor will give you full control over creating your very own ship. You’ll be able to position the weapons, after burners, and even set your ships attributes. In addition you’ll be able to share your creation and download other ships people have created online.

Due to some exploits that people were using the leaderboards for the game are getting wiped with this new update. The original leaderboards will remain up as a “Hall of Fame” but this new update will give you the chance to reach the top without having to worry about certain exploits being used.

With the new DLC coming this Tuesday it sounds like this might be a great time to get back into Resogun. For information on what the DLC will contain check out our previous post about it from earlier this month.