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Jacob Jones Returns, But For Now He’s Only On iOS

Posted by on June 9th, 2014 | 4 Comments | Tags: ,

It’s been about a year since Lucid Games brought Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery to life on Vita and iOS. The second episode of puzzle adventure game draws near, so naturally, a teaser trailer is due. It looks like the gang at Camp Eaglefeather are about to encounter some paranormal entities! But there’s a snag:

Yep, Lucid Games have decided to focus exclusively on the iOS version of Jacob Jones episode 2. That doesn’t rule out a Vita port eventually, but it’s not guaranteed. We reached out for a proper comment from the company, but Lucid has yet to respond.

Personally speaking, I’m disappointed as I enjoyed the first episode. It’s rare to see an episodic series drop platforms mid-run, so hopefully this is just a temporary delay. My phone runs on Android and I don’t have a tablet, so I’m going to need that to be the case.