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PSNStores Tips & Tricks 4: Jacob Jones Puzzle 13 Trophy – “Low Notes”

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Puzzle 13 in Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is the only puzzle throughout the game that cannot be replayed after having completed it the first time. This means if you haven’t unlocked the trophy which challenges you to complete the puzzle in under 6 moves, then you must restart the entire game to get to this puzzle and try again. WHAT A PAIN!


I’m here to help you out in a couple ways. In this first way I will NOT spoil the answer (check below for the spoiler route) and instead give you a time saving tip. But first, you must be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. If you’re not, well…then I can’t help you this way and you are missing the big picture my friend! So long as you are a subscriber, here is a numbered list of what you need to do:

  1. Play through the story right up to the point before you enter into Puzzle 13, where Biggie is tied up in a tree
  2. The game should have be saved up to this point, so go ahead and launch Content Manager
  3. Upload your Jacob Jones save from your Vita to the cloud and make sure you have not set this game to auto-upload, or your Vita will overwrite your save overnight without warning

Now you can fail as many times as you need to and launch Content Manager to reinstate your last save. Reboot the game and JJ will be right where you left him before Puzzle 13. Sorry iPhone owners, I’m pretty sure you can’t do this and you’re more than welcome to correct me if I’m wrong.


For those of you who want the answer, watch the video embedded below. Writing Tips & Tricks 4 in this format is to prevent spoiling the puzzle for those that don’t want it spoiled. I hope you enjoy the video, and leave me a comment or question below. Keep an eye out for the next video to feature the solutions for the remaining five puzzles linked to trophies.