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PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate Digs into PS4 and Vita FREE to Plus Subscribers

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Yes, Double Eleven’s don’t-call-it-a-port of PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is not only a newly developed compilation of Q-Games Shooter 1 and 2, but is also coming to PS4 and Vita free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in June. Ultimate comes fully loaded with one marathon campaign spanning the original releases, Cross-Play support between PS4 and Vita, and newly minted HD visuals.

Personally, I loved the first game to pieces. Our Editor-in-chief Chris loved the second and was pretty good at the multiplayer mode on PS3. The aptly named dual stick shooter will reinvigorate us to play again, and introduce the uninitiated to one of the reasons why the PixelJunk games are so great.

Inspired by this announcement, and pressed to get it out of my head or be forced to rewrite it over and over, I felt the need to write the follow freestyle poem I call “Plus is a Must.” Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below. See what I just did there?

Plus is a Must

June is in tune, with May sitting at bay. PS Plus is a must, buying games is a pain. PixelJunk in the trunk, free is the bees knees. And it’s all coming true for you, if only you knew. But now you know and can grow, then show all your friends the games that came for free to you and me, you see.

It’s not the One, it’s the Vita, the Three, the Four, and all three doors lead to more, a big score you might say. Let’s go take a walk by the bay, eat some hay, make things out of clay. But don’t reframe or feel shame if you don’t have this deal. Just break the $50/year seal and get on Plus, it’s a must.