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UPDATE: Child of Light announced for Vita, coming July 1st

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It’s officially official, Ubisoft has removed the wraps on the Vita version of Child of Light with a launch date of July 1st in North America. Though you may not be able to hear much of it over the boom boom of fireworks that week, the visuals alone will knock you off your block.

Curtis reviewed Child of Light on PlayStation 4, giving it nearly a perfect score. The visuals, soundtrack, and gameplay were a few of his favorite features on PS4 (pretty much the entire game) and nothing there would fail to translate well to Vita and it’s smaller screen.

If Rayman didn’t already convince you, Child of Light continues to show just how utterly impressive the UbiArt Framework is. From beginning to end every single location you visit in Child of Light just looks incredible.

The new “Accolades” trailer above shows off much of the visuals that make up the “IGN-Gorgeous” Child of Light. Have you been playing it on PS3 or PS4? This next question is starting to get a little tired, but will you play it again on Vita? Leave us a comment down below…

UPDATE: Joystiq has confirmed with Ubisoft UK that the Vita release of the game won’t feature Cross-Buy or Cross-Save functionality with the PS4/PS3 versions. The game’s price will be $15 in North America and £12 in the UK. Europe receives the Vita version of Child of Light on July 2nd.