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Checkmate! VooFoo Studios bringing Pure Chess to PS4 on April 15th

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How soon is soon? How’s April 15th for soon? Ripstone and VooFoo Studios have worked their magic to get Pure Chess all photorealistic on PlayStation 4. How much better than the PS3 version could it really be?

Hilariously, Ripstone is using the soon-to-be overused phrase “definitive edition” to describe what has been accomplished on PS4. And there is no doubt in my mind they’ve managed to pull several “next-gen” strings on Sony’s wonderful black pizza box. Phil Gaskell, Creative Director at Ripstone, talks about how far VooFoo has taken the tech:

The team at Voofoo did such a great job on previous versions, and set themselves a high benchmark for PS4. When gamers download this new version on next-gen consoles they will experience the step-change in visual fidelity. There are moments when playing this game where it genuinely looks better than real life.

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Pure Chess will release on PS4 this April 15th in North America for $7.99. Ripstone even says to expect a PlayStation Plus discount when it arrives. Europe will see the title release on April 16th for £4.99/€ 5.99. A complete bundle will be made available for just $14.99/£9.99/€11.99 respectively.

Furthermore, Pure Pool is next to come out of this powerhouse partnership between VooFoo Studios and Ripstone Publishing. We will have more on that in the days and weeks to come, so stay tuned. What game will next feature the forward thinking “Pure” prefix? How about Pure Swimming? Or maybe Pure Ping Pong? What do you guys think? Leave your best suggestion in the comments section below…