Spike Chunsoft’s Sekai Seifuku: Costume Fes. is a free-to-play Vita game about a world without men

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The Japanese Vita software library is starting to bulk up on free-to-play games like Million Arthur, Samurai & Dragons, Dragon’s Dogma Quest, Guardian Hearts Online and of course, SEGA’s Phantasy Star Online 2. Spike Chunsoft, the makers of Conception and Danganronpa, are throwing their hat into the ring with Sekai Seifuku Costume Fes. All the men of the world have died due to a mysterious virus, leaving women as the only survivors. For some reason, the girls are required to wear school uniforms, but obviously not everyone agrees, so maid and work clothes factions quickly grow, which begins the uniform war.

Players choose between the three sides, and fight to grow support for their style choice. The game consists of three different gameplay mechanics: base strengthening, co-op multiplayer action, and card battles.

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Sekai Seifuku: Costume Fes. is set to be released later this year in Japan. Normally, I’d say this has no shot at a localization, but given the fact that the sequel to Conception: Please Have My Baby is coming out in North America next week, anything is possible. As for my opinion on this game, all I have to say is Japan.

[Source: Gematsu]