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Sega hopes to get Football Manager Classic 2014 out in North America in early May

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Spring is here, the sun is shinning, and this year’s Champions League is coming to an end. That means it’s time to play soccer … video games! Sega, and Sports Interactive brought Football Manager Classic 2014 to PS Vita in European territories just a few weeks ago, and North American gamers have been wondering when the soccer sim will be released here. Well, it looks like they won’t have to wait much longer, as the companies expects the game to hit the PlayStation Store on May 6th. I say “expects” because the team originally hoped that the game would launch in this past week’s PlayStation Store update.

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Unlike EA’s FIFA, or Pro Evolution Soccer, the Football Manager franchise is based around simulation; allowing players to take on role of a team manager and bring their favourite club to glory. The series has historically been difficult to release on non-PC platforms, but was a regular on PSP through the Football Manager Handheld subseries. While those titles were largely a pared down experience, the Vita title will be the closest any non-PC release of the game. But changes have to be made, so the game is based on the Classic mode – a streamlined version of the game where a number of the manager’s tasks have been delegated or automated so that players can concentrate on the most important elements (namely, trades, training and tactics). Don’t let that dissuade you because it’s still the full game that features a huge database of players, a 3D match engine showing the action, a full tactics module, realistic transfers, AI that makes both the players and managers act like they should, and dozens of playable leagues, with hundreds of manageable clubs from all over the world. To emphasize that it’s the same game, Football Manager Classic 2014 features Cross-Save with the PC builds of Football Manager 14. That’s the first time the series has ever done that.

Neither Sports Interactive, nor Sega shared a price for the game, but I have a feeling it’ll probably be around $30. The game saw a retail release in Europe, while it will be a PSN-only title in North America. Football Manager Classic 2014 was developed by Little Stone with assistance from Sega Hardlight, Sports Interactive, Sega, and Sony Computer Entertainment.