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Sega announces Chain Chronicle V for Vita

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Sega’s free-to-play lineup on PlayStation Vita already consists of Samurai & Dragons, and Phantasy Star Online 2. The publisher isn’t done with just those, as Sega has announced Chain Chronicle V, a port of a smartphone release. It’s unclear as to what changes Sega will make in converting the game to Vita, but it’s said to feature the same story and gameplay, but with additional characters and scripts.

With a name derived from bonding with the game’s cast of 200+, Chain Chronicle has players recruit characters to battle the evil Black Army. With such a large cast, well known voice actors like Akira Ishida, Ayane Sakura, Maaya Uchida, and Kotori Koiwai have been featured in the game. Ishida provides the voices for 46 of the characters. Gameplay has been described as a mix of traditional mobile RPGs, and Plants Vs. Zombies. Here’s a video of the smartphone release.

Chain Chronicle launched on Android and iOS last summer. It has since amassed over 2 million downloads, and recently won Famitsu’s rookie award for mobile and PC games.

Chain Chronicle V is set to launch sometime this summer in Japan. You can find the game’s official site here. No word on if the game will launch in the west.

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