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Scourge: Outbreak delayed due to Gamespy closure

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According to the release list given out during the PlayStation Blogcast, Tragnarion’s Scourge: Outbreak was set for a release on PS3 this week. That’s not going to happen as the game’s been delayed at least a month due to the multiplayer components being built on Gamespy technology. Gamespy’s parent company, Glu Mobile, will cease support for hosted games on May 31st. Rather than have the game out for a month, and then have the online come down, the development team would rather push the release back and come up with a new solution.

Scourge: Outbreak was originally announced in 2012 as a followup to Tragnarion’s The Scourge Project. As a group of mercenaries you’ve been hired to rescue a double-agent scientist working for the power-hungry Nogari Corporation. Through your mission you’ll find yourself surrounded on all sides by hostile forces, with the only way out being to fight. This third person shooter features four playable characters with unique weapon handling stats and special abilities. You’ll take those four through a 6-hour co-op campaign with support for up to four players with an XP system to unlock rewards in both the campaign and multiplayer modes. Beyond co-op, the game’s multiplayer extends to 8 player Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture-The-Flag Versus modes over game’s five maps. To top it off, Scourge: Outbreak also features leaderboards, nine weapons with multiple variants, and Squad AI for groups with less than four players.

Scourge: Outbreak launched on Xbox 360 last summer, with a Steam launch earlier this month.

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