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These Pure Pool screenshots bring the shine

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Someone on this earth carries on throughout their day with the mindset that polishing a striking shine into the enamel of a painted sphere is more scientific than poetic. I’m sure there is a debate to be had in that statement if there weren’t more pressing world matters to attend to.

For the time being, we can revel in these Pure Pool screenshots the fine people at Ripstone have sent my way. The game comes from VooFoo Studios, the same developers that have delivered Pure Chess on every platform currently known to man, including PlayStation 4 in just a matter of days. Coincidentally, they also developed the PlayStation exclusive Hustle Kings.

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Much of the game’s details are still being worked out by the publisher Ripstone. What we do know is that Pure Pool is targeting an early Summer 2014 release. Price and gameplay features other than “hyper realistic” and “2 players” has yet to be announced.