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Natsume brings PSP RPG End of Serenity to North America

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Remember Mystic Chronicles, a 2D JRPG on PSP from Natsume and Kemco? Well, they’re back. It was rare to see a PSP release in 2013, and now it’s even rarer in 2014. The game is End of Serenity, and like Mystic Chronicles, it’s a port of an earlier smartphone release called End of Aspiration. Much like the earlier Kemco RPG, Natsume will give the game a new localization for its western PlayStation debut.


Developed by WorldWideSoftware, End of Serenity is a traditional turn-based RPG with a graphic style reminiscent of the Super Nintendo era. The game sees players transported into a world where an advanced ancient civilization once had powers that were used for good, and destruction. Many years after that civilization’s downfall, a new threat called the Underworld emerges. A rumor spreads that this group is collecting Atomigems, a precious stone found in the ruins of the ancient civilization. This is when a traveling trader named Yute meets a young woman dubbed the Azure Sorceress Eril, and begin their battle against this evil force.

Do note that the trailer is from the smartphone localization, so some things may be named differently in this release.

Natsume hopes the game will be Vita compatible, but admits that falls in SCEA’s hands.

End of Serenity launched on PSP in Japan last October, and will release this summer in North America. At the moment publisher isn’t sure on European details.