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King Oddball Cross-Buy entitled on PS4 tomorrow

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PlayStation is becoming quite the breeding ground for indie games from all parts of the game creation ecosystem. 10tons Ltd has taken their mobile games from the Android and iOS platforms and started porting them to Vita. King Oddball marks their first attempt at the PS4 market.

King Oddball can be summarized blindly by calling it an Angry Birds type game, but that’s not giving it enough credit. Where Angry Birds uses a slingshot to shoot the birds themselves at the fortified pigs, King Oddball has a very long tongue that is used to launch boulders at puzzlingly placed militia. The core object of the two games is what remains the same, eliminate the baddies in as few throws as possible.

Unlike Angry Birds, King Oddball can be played for very, very little money! The game is currently available on Vita for $5.99 and will remain the same price on PS4 when it releases tomorrow in North America. Additionally, it’s a Cross-Buy title meaning if you’ve bought it already on Vita, then you already own it on PS4 – just go download it.

$6 for Vita and PS4 is a fairly unbeatable price, but how do you know if you’d like it? You can read our King Oddball review or leave your recommendation for the game down below in this here comments section. Have fun slingin’ rocks!  <— Breaking Bad reference, that should have been the slogan!!!