Game Atelier launches Kickstarter for Flying Hamster II: Knight of the Golden Seed

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Do you remember Flying Hamster from the PSP Minis program or maybe last year’s port to PS Vita? I certainly do. The 2D shooter about about a hamster attempting to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend found a place in my heart due to its charming visuals, and accessible game play. Well, French development studio Game Atelier are bringing Newton and the evil penguins back with Flying Hamster II: Knight of the Golden Seed. As the name hints, this sequel won’t be a shooter but rather an RPG in the vein of SEGA’s Wonder Boy/Monster World series.


Game Atelier are attempting to crowd fund Flying Hamster II, and have put up a month long campaign on Kickstarter looking to raise $150k to develop the game on PC. PS4 is a $350k stretch goal, with the Vita stretch goal also planned.

[Source: Kickstarter]