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Chasm is coming to PS4 later this year

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In Chasm, players take up the role of Daltyn, a young soldier sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a mining crew in the remote mountain town of Karthas. Upon arrival you learn the town has been cut off from the outside world by supernatural forces. Now trapped, you are left with no option but to explore the mines below the town and uncover the source of the disturbances. Only by gaining new special abilities, evading dangerous traps, and defeating hordes of deadly enemies can you hope to save Karthas — and possibly the world!

Chasm is just one of many games announced just moments ago for the PS4. I’ve embedded the debut PS4 trailer above as well as some screenshots just below.

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Chasm mixes together procedurally generated level design with that of a metroidvania style game. There’s actually a pretty long post on the PlayStation Blog that goes in depth with how the world in Chasm is being designed in connected. If you’re into that sort of thing you should check it out as it’s quite fascinating.

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