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IndieCade East 2015 Spotlight: Chasm and Titan Souls

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This year’s IndieCade was bombarded with fantastic titles from all ilks of life coming to a variety of platforms. Of course, I was there for the PSN offerings. Sony occupied a large space this year filled with playable upcoming titles. In this series of posts, I’ll be highlighting those that stood out and why.
This post: Chasm and Titan Souls


Developer: Discord Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4
It’s like… Rogue Legacy, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Mega Man X
But different because… its areas are procedurally generated and it has a linear story.
Okay, so at one point while I was playing Chasm, I asked one of the devs if he had ever played Rogue Legacy. He chuckled, said yes, and mentioned that the sprite animator for Chasm worked on both games. Here’s Glauber’s site, if you’re interested.
Chasm is a 2D platformer with pixelated style. There’s a health and mana bar, your character has two hands for weapons, and there’s a crafting system, it seems. The game’s story is linear, but the way you hit the story beats each playthrough may be different. I enjoyed picking up shreds of paper in the caves and piecing together what little story I was shown. There’s an overworld map, which is nice, and your character is consistently learning new abilities (slide, ledge grab, etc.) to gain entry to new parts of the different worlds. I spent a little time in the town, which seems to be a centralized location that you can teleport to and from at certain points in the game. I fought a boss (or perhaps it was a mini-boss) that was fairly tough but engaging all the same. There are leaderboards, but I wasn’t quite sure how they’d work. Perhaps speedrunning through the game?
Anyways, I’m psyched for this game, even though it’s another on the long list of Metroidvania platformers. Its defining attribute is its style, but I’m also looking forward to conquering more bosses.

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Titan Souls

Developer: Acid Nerve
Platforms: PlayStation 4 and Vita
It’s like… Zelda and Shadow of the Colossus
But different because… you have one arrow. That’s it.
I spent a decent amount of time with Titan Souls but didn’t want to spoil myself for the full release (April 14th, a belated birthday present for me). The game tasks the solitary hero to slay Titans by only using an arrow. It’s tough. I died a lot. I really dig the environmental art and boss design in this game. Spatially speaking, the demo I played seemed condensed. This might have been done on purpose to give expo-goers a boiler-plate bite of the whole pie. The main means of attack that you have is shooting an arrow. You hold a different button to get it back, but both actions require your character to be planted (you won’t want to be planted, trust me). I took down a ground-pounding blob that split each time I hit it; a brain encased in a block of ice that needed to be melted; and a rotating die that shot a gigantic laser beam every few moves it made. Each of the Titans induced a strong tension in me that I pretty much haven’t felt since playing Shadow of the Colossus for the first time. It is absolutely terrifying how fast and furious these Titans are compared to how tiny and harmless your character is. I can’t wait to explore the entire world and take down cleverly designed Titans.

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