[UPDATED] Laughing Jackal engulfing Vita in their first Unity 3D game Flame Over | PSNStores

[UPDATED] Laughing Jackal engulfing Vita in their first Unity 3D game Flame Over

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Remember Hungry Giraffe? How about OMG Zombies HD, Cubixx HD and Orbit? They all have two things in common. They were all made by Laughing Jackal and they were all 2D games not built in Unity. Today, Laughing Jackal have used the EU PlayStation Blog to re-announce their first Unity 3D game they’re calling Flame Over.

Without focusing too much on that flawless title, Flame Over is described as an isometric roguelike having randomly generated levels and permadeath. Using dual analog stick controls, gamers will guide Blaze Carruthers through the engulfed Infernal Industries building in London to rescue whoever needs rescuing. The fast-paced gameplay features dynamic fires that burn out of control and spread through the 3D environments.

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Flame Over is likely to arrive on Vita sometime in the second half of 2014. Being built on the Unity engine could make things easy if and when Laughing Jackal decide to bring the game to PS3 and hopefully PS4.

UPDATE: I had to reach out to my pals at Laughing Jackal to ask about an SCEA release for Flame Over, considering that the original announcement was made on the SCEE PlayStation Blog. This is what they said: “the simple answer is yes and I think will get a simultaneous release.”

[Source: EU PlayStation Blog]

What do I think?

I couldn’t be more excited for a fun firefighting game in any genre really. While it’s far too early to say, seeing the game perform poorly in action is the only thing that could potentially ruin this for me. I am a little baffled why they aren’t targeting more platforms than just Vita, no offense little guy!