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17-BIT announces Galak-Z also coming to Vita

Posted by on March 7th, 2014 | 5 Comments | Tags:

Up to this point, Galak-Z was only coming to PS4. Raj Joshi, Señor Producer at 17-BIT, has gone onto the PlayStation Blog to revealed it’s also coming to Vita. Soon after the PS4 version releases, all the same roguelike gameplay will be enjoyed on the go.

In summary, Galak-Z is a 2D shooter with random level layouts. The artists have painstakingly hand drawn a library of different level tiles where the entrance and exits are different, placements of turrets and enemies are specific, and it just feels right. Then the level generator will randomly piece together enough of these tiles to form a new cave experience everytime.

We’re hotly anticipating this game to arrive sooner rather than later. The PS4 could definitely use more games like this, and the Vita is no different. Are you on board with more PS4 games also coming to Vita?

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