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Destiny of Spirits launches on Vita later this month

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SCE Japan Studio, and Q? Entertainment’s Destiny of Spirits went into closed beta in October, and has since gone silent. But fate would have the game’s release date revealed today. Destiny of Spirits will hit the PlayStation Network in Asia on March 20th, in North America on March 25th, and in Europe on March 26th. The team took user responses from the beta to improve load-times and gameplay speed, increase spirit levels to allow for deeper spirit progression, increase the number of spirit slots to allow players to have a greater variety of spirits, and have added support for numerous Spirit Point requirement updates that allow Spirit Points to go further.

The free-to-play strategy game with RPG elements has a focus on gaming with friends. Destiny of Spirits will be broken into three distinct regions; Destiny of Spirits Asia, Destiny of Spirits Americas, and Destiny of Spirits Europe. Each region has its own distinct spirits, and the only way to collect these foreign spirits is to encounter users from those regions online.

Like other games of its sort, Destiny of Spirits will be a constantly evolving game, and the dev team hopes players will give them feedback once the game launches.