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Titan Invasion bundles two PC games for a PS4/PS3/Vita Cross-Buy release this summer

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A new compilation called Titan Invasion will be hitting all PlayStation systems this summer. The bundle will include PC games Titan Attacks! and Revenge of the Titans, both games considerably different from one another making this Cross-Buy an interesting  purchasing prospect.

Curve Studios, purveyors of many fine PlayStation conversions including Proteus, Stealth Inc, Thomas Was Alone, and Lone Survivor, is handling the transition to PS4, PS3, and Vita. Jason Perkins, Managing Director of Curve Digital speaks about the bundle:

Titan Attacks and Revenge of the Titans are two full games by their own right, so being able to release them as a single collection with Titan Invasion and to also be able to offer that as cross-buy title represents really good value for money for PlayStation gamers.

The original developer Puppygames is thrilled to see their IPs coming to PlayStation consoles. Caspian Prince, Puppygames Owner, goes as far as to say, “Now we can play with the big boys in the playground! I’m sure PC gamers would love to be considered small fries when compared to console gamers.

Titan Attacks! is a polished arcade shooter with inspirations drawn from Space Invaders or Galaga, said to play a bit more modern with “a full ship upgrade system, online leaderboards and stylish, neo-retro visuals.” Adversely, Revenge of the Titans is an RPG/tower defense game while still maintaining the action and visuals of Titan Attacks! Players will have to progress across 50 levels deploying 25 different buildings.

No price or specific release date was mentioned in the press release sent from Curve Studios. They recently announced bringing MouseCraft to PSN and have teased even more games with an announcement to come as early as March. Stay tuned for more from Curve because they are no where near done with PSN. Let us know in the comments section below what you think about the notion of buying two games on three systems, all for one price. Would you play them all or is there one system you’re enjoying most now?