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Teslagrad electrifying Vita this Summer, PS3 in Spring

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As I previously posted, Teslagrad is coming to PS3 in 2014, now updated to Spring 2014. It seems that the success of the PC version released this past December, coupled with the overwhelming outcry of PlayStation gamers, has convinced Rain Games to make a Vita version which they say will be released sometime during Summer 2014.

In a recent post on the EU PlayStation Blog, Teslagrad’s lead programmer Fredrik Ludvigsen talks about the porting process and how Sony pushing to get Vita support in Unity has made the process easier.

Sony’s efforts for their Unity port has made life for us much easier. When porting to Vita, we’re mostly just having to “shrink” and optimise the game. In terms of the Vita hardware, I’m very thankful that there is 512MB memory on the thing. I expect that our main challenge with the PS3 will be the 256MB memory it has.

He goes on to say that the Vita version may get touch screen support. It’s evident from the Q&A on the EU PlayStation Blog that Rain Games is focused on making the Vita version look and feel its best. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say a short wait for the Vita version is no big deal, but wouldn’t it be wiser to release the PS3 and Vita versions at the same time and offer a Cross-Buy deal? We can only hope they have already discussed this deal with Sony.

Teslagrad is the puzzle platformer with a magnetic personality. The young protagonist must use the power of magnetism and other electromagnetic abilities to progress through challenging puzzles and discover his true potential as the last teslamancer.