It looks like Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is coming to PS4

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There’s been a few rumors across the internet stating that Housemarque’s zombie shoot ’em up, Dead Nation, was headed to PS4. The Hong Kong PlayStation Blog confirms that users in that territory can expect an Apocalypse Edition port of the game as part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection starting on March 6th. Dead Nation has previously been rumored as March’s PS4 entry in the Instant Game Collection for Europe. No other information about the port has been revealed.

Housemarque’s Dead Nation originally stormed PS3s in 2010, and brought a great top down shoot ’em up experience to the platform. A port of the game was announced for PS Vita at E3 2013, but has since gone silent.

[Source: NeoGAF]

  • Daniel

    I’ll be a bit disappointed if Dead Nation is the free PS+ game for PS4 in Aus in March since I already own it. But at the same time it is an excellent game that I never finished, and I would now have a reason to go back to it.

    • vesra

      Love the game, great ending in my opinion. Having it for ps4 would be fun fit myself and a good reason to play it one more time.

    • Nelson Hernandez

      Great game. Very fun with a friend. You should finish it.

    • Daniel

      Yeah, hopefully I will. From memory I remember playing solo, and having to replay long sections because of far apart checkpoints. Or I’m just not good at the game, nah that can’t be right, haha.

    • Matt Dickinson

      Would you rather have a new “MediEvil”?

    • Daniel

      I would love a new Medievil

    • Nelson Hernandez

      No the checkpoints are far apart lol and if anything I was terrible at this game lol died well over 2000 times trying to get the plat. Play with a friend, it helps trust me and a new MediEvil would be badass.

  • Fredrik Larsson

    Pretty lame :/. I mean it’s a game released in 2010… should have been a sequel released now.