Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition coming to PS4 and confirmed for PS+ next week

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The latest rumored PS+ offerings for March noted that PS4 owners would be getting Dead Nation as their free PS4 game. Then just two nights ago the Hong Kong PlayStation Blog confirmed that an Apocalypse Edition of the game will in fact by the PS4 PS+ game come next week. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition has now been properly announced and confirmed to be March’s PS+ game for PS4 owners starting next week.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition bundles together the original Dead Nation with The Road to Devastation expansion pack as well as featuring a fair amount of new improvements. The Apocalypse Edition now runs at 1080p with improved textures and effects. A quick select option has now been added to the controls to make swapping between weapons faster. The new Challenge mode allows you to send your score for each stage directly to a friend. They can then take on your challenge in the hopes of besting your score. Also new to the PS4 version is Broadcast+ in which anyone viewing your stream of the game will be able to periodically vote for something good or bad to happen to you as you play. Sometimes you might receive health and weapon items while in other situations the viewers might choose to unleash another horde of zombies on you.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition will launch on PS4 on March 4th for $14.99 or for free if you’re a PS+ subscriber. Also if you’re curious the announcement did confirm that the Vita version of Dead Nation is still in development. Perhaps we’ll get news on that soon.