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forma.8 coming to PS4 and Vita

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Last week we posted about Futuridium EP coming to Vita from the developer MixedBag. Today they’ve announced that they’re also bringing forma.8 to the PS4 and Vita.

In the distant future, a small exploration probe, forma.8, is stranded alone on the surface of an alien planet. It was parted from its companions by chance, and has a life or death mission to accomplish: it must find and recover a powerful energy source deep under the surface before it’s too late. Ancient civilizations, great perils, and dystopian visions await it, and not everything is as it seems.

The game begins without any sort of direction of where to go and you have zero power-ups. It’s your job to explore the world, find new powers, and survive against hostile enemies. Everything is physics based so that enemies, liquids, plants, etc. will all react in a realistic way as you move throughout the world.

forma.8 will be launching on PS4 and Vita later this year.