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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn brings the battle to PS3 this summer

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Mobile Suit Gundam is one of Japan’s premiere anime franchises, and it’s no surprise that the property has spawned countless video game adaptations. Unfortunately, western fans haven’t gotten many of them after the dismal PS3 launch title, Gundam: Crossfire. Tecmo Koei, Bandai Namco, and OmegaForce’s Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series is the exception. Blending the universe and lore of the Gundam franchise with the hack and slash gameplay of the Koei’s Warriors series, the collaboration has been success for those involved. The latest entry in the series launched last December in Japan, and Namco Bandai have announced plans to bring the game over as Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn.

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Experience the thrill of piloting Mobile Suits through famous scenes spanning multiple Gundam anime series in an action-packed thrill ride.

Set at an era called “Universal Century”, giant mecha known as Mobile Suits are used to wage war across land, sea, air and space. Featuring Mobile Suits and their pilots from over 30 years of Gundam anime and manga, DYNASTY WARRIORS: GUNDAM Reborn lets players engage in a melee across the Gundam series with the largest roster of Mobile Suits seen in the series so far. Relive the exciting battles and animation sequences with the largest number of missions ever spanning the entire Gundam series including Mobile Suit Gundam SEED in Official Mode. Fans can also select Mobile Suit pilots to operate any unlocked Mobile Suit in the game for crossover missions in Ultimate Mode.

DYNASTY WARRIORS: GUNDAM Reborn allows the control of massive Mobile Armor units for the first time in the series. Mobile Armor units tower over the opposition and deliver absolute destruction to the enemy with the Mobile Armor’s unique weapons. Visual enhancements allow Mobile Suits and stages to reflect a war-torn world, as players battle through hoards of enemies across each scenario. Upon completing missions they will be able to upgrade their Mobile Suit and weapon systems. Weapon upgrades will be reflected graphically with increased range and power making it easy for players to see their Mobile Suit’s progress.

Players will also be able to select their favourite Mobile Suit and band together for intense split-screen gameplay or online co-op multiplayer action for up to two players.

The game will be released as a PlayStation Network exclusive for PS3 in North America this summer. Tecmo Koei is handling the European version, and have decided to put out a retail release. Unfortunately, while the game saw a Vita version in Japan, it appears that version will not see an international release.