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Unity 4.3 brings support for PlayStation Vita to SCE licensed developers

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Today, Unity announced that its latest update v4.3 will allow SCE licensed developers to deploy their games to Vita. Since March of 2013, Sony and Unity have been working together to make game development on PlayStation platforms more ubiquitous, and today they are one step closer to that vision.

A blog post on Unity’s website goes on to announce the many hardware and PSN features that are now supported in the Unity engine. Unique to the Vita itself comes support for the motion sensors, front and rear cameras, dual analog sticks, and the rear touch pad.

The full suite of PSN features come supported along with the Vita functionality including PSN Trophies, Friends, and Matching. This should quite literally open the floodgates for games developed on Unity. For more information on exactly what is entailed in Unity 4.3 with Vita support, check out the release notes.

Stick It To The Man was developed by Zoink! and uses Unity as the development environment. It has been doing pretty well on both PS3 and Vita. Unity supports both 2D and 3D graphics, native animation using Mecanim, and more. All of which is run directly from a Vita devkit and can be modified instantly.

If you are a video game developer looking to get your game on as many platforms as possible, or know someone that is, get familiar with Unity. Let us know what you think about what this might mean for the future of Vita in the comments below.

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