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Sci-Fi Horror Game Master Reboot coming to PS3 next month

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While PS4 gets Outlast next month the PS3 is getting it’s own horror game in Master Reboot. In the near future humankind has created something known as the Soul Cloud. The Soul Cloud acts as a server that stores the data of souls and memories when people die. Floating islands in the Soul Cloud take the shape of towns filled with rooms, skyscrapers, and houses that hold people’s memories.

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Master Reboot opens up with your character’s soul and memory being uploaded to the Soul Cloud just after your death. Something goes wrong and you wake up on a beach without any knowledge as to where or who you are. You’ll have to explore the Soul Cloud and solve puzzles in order to piece together your own life. Master Reboot aims to deliver a sense of uneasiness throughout instead of a game filled with blood and guts.

Master Reboot is set to launch on the PS3 in February. No price was announced but the PC version runs for $14.99 so I’d expect similar pricing. (The trailer above is from the PC version.)