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PSNStores plays Proteus plus there’s a new live action commercial

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Yes, I played Proteus last night on our PSNStores Twitch.tv account and it was actually really interesting. It definitely defies the normal conventions we place on games and makes it difficult to categorize as my friend Thomas Hopper puts it. Developers Ed Key and David Kanaga have made an first-person adventure game that is completely open to the gamer’s interpretation of what it is exactly. And even afterward, the game is difficult to describe.

This is likely why this new live action trailer for the game exists. It effectively portrays a Vita gamer completely enveloped into his game of Proteus, so much so that when he reaches the ethereal “end of the game”, he then looks up into TRW to realize he’s just sitting on the bus. Though, is this the point of his life where some form of reality sets in and he’s reminded of his depressing life or that he’s the CEO of his company and he deserves his own parking space? Again, even the commercial is up for interpretation.

In case you haven’t read PSNStores editor Ben Jones’ interpretation of Proteus in his official review, it is a MUST READ! Talk about straying away from conventions. For further reading about the game, please find my Q&A with Ed Key himself. Take note that Proteus is on sale right now for just $5.94 to PlayStation Plus subscribers and is a Cross-Buy title for both PS3 and Vita.

Now, please enjoy me playing Proteus below and follow the PSNStores Twitch channel for more live streaming to come.