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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f bows on Vita this March

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It has taken a while for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f to come to western territories. The rhythm game starring the titular Vocaloid idol originally came out in August of 2012 in Japan on PS Vita. A PS3 version of the game shipped in that region the following March, and marked the first international Project Diva release as it came out in the west this past summer. After the success of the PS3 version, SEGA announced that the original Vita version of Project Diva f would finally get a western release in early 2014 as a PlayStation Network exclusive. In the company’s write up for their presence at the Animation on Display convention in San Francisco they finally shared a more specific release window of March.

If you already own the PS3 release of the game you can expect the Vita version to provide you with touch controls, and augmented reality modes. The track listing for both platforms is similar, except the Japanese PS3 release contained songs that would eventually be DLC on the Vita version as a way to make amends for the late release. Given the western release is in an opposite situation it’ll be interesting to see how SEGA responds. As of yet the company hasn’t shared their track list plans.

We’ll keep you updated with information regarding the game’s price, and exact release date when it’s shared.

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