Gunslugs Vita released then pulled from the EU PSN Store, official release end of February

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In what looks to be an error on the part of the European PlayStation Store’s magic release-content button, Orangepixel’s Gunslugs was released this morning considerably ahead of schedule and without warning only to be pulled from the store.

I spoke with Gunslugs creator Pascal Bestebroer this morning about the impromptu release and he seemed fairly calm about the whole thing.

Gunslugs is such a chaotic game, it can’t even keep a release schedule! ;P

It’s possible that some PSN shoppers may have gotten their hands on a copy nearly a month early. While the game is complete in form, release dates are important for both the developers and Sony to coordinate marketing the title on the storefront. If Gunslugs is to be part of any PS Plus sale, that won’t be made clear until we get to the predetermined release date at the end of February.