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Table Pack 19 and 20 coming The Pinball Arcade in 2014 for PS3 and Vita

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FarSight Studios has finally released The Pinball Arcade Season 1 tables for PlayStation 4, but they aren’t done with Season 2 on PS3 and Vita yet. Table Pack 19 is expected to release sometime in January with Table Pack 20 to follow shortly thereafter. Get ready for four more Gottlieb tables!

Table Pack 19 will include Class of 1812 and Victory. Gottlieb released Class of 1812 in the summer of 1991. The table features a dark theme involving the reunion of a long dead class. Behind the back glass is a vacuum formed 3D image. The large mechanical beating heart and chattering teeth are synchronized along to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture during Multiball Madness.

Victory is another Gottlieb table with a race car theme released in 1987. The table’s designer John Trudeau used a fully screened photorealistic “Vitrigraph” mylar overlay for it’s playfield rather than the industry standard silkscreened image on wood. This method proved problematic when the adhesion broke away. Victory almost had a race car in a costly lower level that would have advanced around a track with player progress.


Table Pack 20 includes Cue Ball Wizard and El Dorado City of Gold. Gottlieb released Cue Ball Wizard late 1992. It features a two and three ball Multiball and an oscillating captive ball kicker at the upper playfield. Below on the lower playfield is the most noticeable feature, a full-sized captive cue ball that is used to hit two elevated targets.

El Dorado City of Gold came out in 1984 as the last game designed by Ed Krynski for Gottlieb/Mylstar (ipdb.org). The two models pictured in the table’s backglass were actually Gottlieb artists. El Dorado City of Gold is also playable in Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection which was never released to PS3 although the Williams Collection was.

Now that’s a lot of Gottlieb. Really, how much virtual pinball could you play in one lifetime? There is a group of us that could play this genre exclusively, and thanks to the onslaught of offerings on multiple platforms, not just PlayStation consoles, this is definitely a possibility.