Rust Buccaneers Out Tomorrow in EU

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Pixolane, a small Finnish gaming studio, is releasing its debut PSN game Rust Buccaneers on the EU store tomorrow! The game met some seriously choppy seas after its intended 2011 publishing deal sunk. After years of spare time work from Pixolane members, it’s finally seeing the light of day.

Rust Buccaneers is a vehicular ‘ship shooter’ game with 36 unique player ships. It offers online leaderboards and a couple of different multiplayer modes.

The North American release is planned for early next year.



I have to say I’m fairly jacked up about this game. I haven’t played a fun ship combat game since Age of Booty, which released in 2008. If it controls well, this could be a salty year-end treat.

  • Trike

    Rusty Buccaneers looks just great! Briljant graphics, sound and effects. Can’t wait to download, certainly this is a must for me. 8 € is nothing for a quality game. Wooooov!