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Mutant Mudds Deluxe launching on PS3 and Vita December 17th

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Mutant Mudds Deluxe, previously available on Nintendo platforms, is headed to the PS3 and Vita in just two weeks. On December 17th you’ll be able to purchase Mutant Mudds Deluxe for $9.99 and own both versions of the game as well as take advantage of cross-save functionality.

In the game you’ll play as Max who has the ability to jump between three different layers with the use of his jetpack. Max is armed with not only a jetpack but also a heavy-duty water cannon that he can use to vanquish his nemesis the Mutant Mudds. Throughout the game you’ll blast and hover throughout over 80 levels as you seek out Water Sprites which, according to legend, are the key to eliminating the Mutant Mudds for good.

I went ahead and embedded a trailer for the game above if you’re not familiar with Mutant Mudds. Please note that since there’s no video footage of the PS3 or Vita version of the game (at least that I can find) the trailer above is footage of the Wii U version. Though I imagine the PS3/Vita versions will look largely the same.

My Thoughts:

Despite owning a 3DS myself I actually never got around to checking out Mutant Mudds. I’ve heard some genuinely good things about the game though so I’m excited to check this out on my Vita in a couple weeks. Also shifting in and out of the foreground looks like it could be fun.

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