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Mercenary Kings coming to PS4 early 2014

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Just after E3 we put up a lengthy post featuring all announced PS4 games. One of which was Mercenary Kings in which we described as the following:

Think Metal Slug combined with Monster Hunter, a crafting system that’ll allow you to customize nearly every aspect of your gun, and a focus on four player split-screen and you’ve got Mercenary Kings. The game drops you in a large non-linear map and encourages you to explore, take out enemies, and collect as much loot as you can. Boss enemies will appear in a random place on the map and, if you can’t defeat them, will run off and appear in another location. It’s in these boss encounters that you’ll need to work together to hunt and eventually take down each boss.

While the game won’t hit it’s originally intended 2013 release date Mercenary Kings is finally content-complete. Meaning that all of the levels/bosses are finished. So if you’re a new PS4 owner and looking for games to play it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for Mercenary Kings which is now set to release early next year.

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If you’re curious we did talk about the game back during our post-E3 podcast where Chris got to check out the game.

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