Japanese inspired horror game Kodoku haunts PS4, and Vita in 2015

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Carnivore Studio have announced their self-published debut title Kodoku for PlayStation 4, and Vita. The game is an exploration based horror title that does away with combat. The player takes on the role of a collector searching for a rare book. His journey leads him to the abandoned island of Kodoku. The desolate place is the home of paranormal beings derived from Japanese mythology. The player’s goal is to escape the island, and try to discover the truth behind its’ mystery.

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As stated earlier, the game isn’t interested in fighting your way out of situations. Players will have to be keen of their surroundings by hiding in the shadows while listening to noises in an eventual attempt to distract their enemies. There will also be a simple crafting system to create spells to solve puzzles, and evade threats.

Kodoku sounds really cool, but you’re going to have to wait a while to play it. The game isn’t expected to launch until the first quarter of 2015.

[Source: Pocket Gamer]