X-Gen confirms Super Motherload to be Cross-Buy, PS3 version out next week

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Scott Carmichael from X-Gen Studios has reached out to us to confirm that Super Motherload will indeed by Cross-Buy entitled on the PlayStation Network for both PS4 and the upcoming PS3 version. In addition to that bombshell, Super Motherload is official coming to PlayStation 3 on November 26th in North America and November 27th in Europe. To recap, that’s $14.99 for both the PS4 and PS3 versions of Super Motherload.

Scott also tells us that while Super Motherload is a Cross-Buy game, it will not support Cross-Saving.

Gamers have the last say when it comes to how good a game is and most seem to agree that Super Motherload is a surprising pleasure to play on PlayStation 4. Our own Chris K has been live streaming the game on the official Twitch channel of PSNStores and we’re not done there. If you’re interest isn’t peaked yet, it should be. And I’d like to offer you a bit of further reading on the game by way of our other articles and an upcoming review.

Are you playing Super Motherload on PS4 right now? Tell us what your thoughts are of the game right now in the comments section below this full stop.

  • I played through and beat this on PS4. It was quite interesting. I want to play it again, but this time trying to mine every bit of resource I can gather, rather than deciding half-way through to just charge down to the bottom and beat it.

    • David Bandel

      How long did it take you to beat it?

    • I think I may have spent 5-6 hours on it. I don’t know how people have managed to finish it in 1 hour. I think I spent 2 hours just trying to plow through the last ~5000 distance alone. If I had spent time mining out every mineral I could reach, it’d have probably taken me 20 hours.

    • KosmoCrisis

      So are you guys replaying the game to get upgrades and other stuff you maybe didn’t get the first time through, or are finding that you’re done in one take?

    • Well, I only finished one out of the possible 4 endings. I’ve also only unlocked 2 of the extra characters. The downside is that there’s only trophies for 2 of the endings. I’ll probably come back to it later, but I already have a 5-game deep backlog on the PS4, so finishing it once is good enough for now. I’ve finished Resogun (on rookie), Contrast, and this. I’ve moved on to Knack now, will probably play through Killzone next, then maybe Trine 2 before coming back to play the other, finished games more.

    • Maggard

      On those you have played, how do you rank them for an additional play-thru? Are any looking like a possible addiction: where you see yourself returning to play over & over again?

    • I’ll probably try to side with the good guys next time from the beginning, instead of going with the bad and switching allegiances to get one of the trophies. I want to see what the good ending is like… if it is the good ending. Going pure evil is probably the last one, and I probably won’t do the evil-stupid option, even though there’s a bronze trophy attached to it.

      As for addicting, potentially. Though, I’m buried in backlog, so I might only do a little bit at a time. The nice thing about the game is that you can carry over your characters with all of their upgrades, money, and bombs into a new game. I think that might be the part that is the most addictive, even though the game’s trophies aren’t really structured to take advantage of it. There’s no good trophies for earning large amounts of money, or maxing out upgrades on a character, so the only way it might come in handy is for the two gold trophies. To beat the game in 1 hour, and to beat it on hardcore difficulty. If you spend a bunch of time in normal games building up many millions of dollars, then you can buy all of the emergency fuel, bombs, and repair kits you might need for a hardcore or speed run. That’s very risky though, as there’s permadeath in hardcore and anything you use getting there will be lost if you die to the final boss.

  • Wrigley

    This game is a nice surprise. I went in w/ no expectations since it hasn’t been covered like other launch games.

    Great soundtrack. I already bought it.

    Co-op is fun overall. A couple co-op items to note. If you’re inactive for a short amount of time (i.e. free falling), your player will disappear. You can re-join, but it can get annoying after awhile. The final battle is really difficult w/ multiple players. I’ll just say everyone suffers if one person makes a mistake. I ended up finishing it on normal as one player.

    The characters are persistent so you can build them up over multiple games. I imagine that’s a factor if you want to go for the speed run trophy or a hardcore run where death means losing everything it seems. With that in mind, I guess you might start game not to beat it, but to stockpile money, bombs, and get upgrades.