Global PlayStation Store Update: Week of Nov 19th 2013 – Stick it to the Man

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Here is your weekly look at what is out on the PlayStation Store. Listed below are the demos and games for this week.

This post will get updated throughout the week.

Upcoming games can be seen here!

Updates: Tuesday
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Blood Knights1.5GB
NBA Live 14(PS4)

PS3 Games

Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I Don’t Know$39.99 (860MB)
Air Conflicts Vietnam$29.99 (3.8GB)
Aquapazza$29.99 (4.1GB)
Arcania Complete Tale$29.99 (5.8GB)
Blood Knights$14.99 (1.5GB)
Contrast$14.99 (858MB)
Farming Simulator$29.99 (460MB)
Need for Speed: Rivals$59.99 (6.6GB)
Soul Calibur 2 HD Online$19.99 (686MB)
Stick it to the Man$12.99 (1.1GB)
Young Justice Legacy$39.99 (2.0GB)

PS4 Games

NBA Live 14$59.99

Vita Games

The Amazing Spider-Man$39.99 (3.0GB)
Tearaway$35.99 (1.3GB)

Updates: Wednesday
Games released on the European store are subject to regional availability.
Full content for the week can be found here


Blood Knights – 1.5GB
Tearaway – 1.3GB
Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom – 6.5GB

PS3 Games

Blood Knights – £11.99/€14.99 – (1.5GB)
Contrast – £11.99/€14.99 – (858MB)
Furmins – £5.49/€6.99 – (36.8MB)
SoulCalibur II HD Online – £14.99/€18.99 – (668MB)
Stick it to the Man – £9.99/€12.99 – (1.1GB)
Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers – £44.99/€54.99 – (3.0GB)
Ben 10 Omniverse 2 – £34.99/€44.99 – (1.9GB)

Vita Games

Tearaway – £19.99/€24.99 – (1.3GB)
The Amazing Spider Man – £34.99/€39.99 – (3.3GB)

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Full content for the week can be found here
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Tearaway 891MB

PS3 Games

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIHK$388 (9.8GB)
Atelier Rorona The First StoryHK$488 (4.2GB)
Soulcalibur II HDHK$155 (686MB)
Assassin’s Creed IV Black FlagHK$388 (9.6GB)
Need for Speed RivalsHK$449 (6.3GB)
XCOM: Enemy WithinHK$310 (7.6GB)

Vita Games

Atelier Rorona The First StoryHK$389 (2.8GB)
TearawayHK$268 (891MB)