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PSNStores Weekly Roundup: September 30th – October 6th 2013

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This week marked the one year anniversary of the PlayStation Mobile platform and to celebrate we here at PSNStores compiled a list of our top 25 PSM games released thus far. Check out our list to see if your favorites made the cut and make sure to let us know in the comments what your favorite PSM games are and what you hope to see on the platform in the future.

If you enjoyed Ben’s tales of the Eurogamer expo last week and have been craving more, we have you covered (with silly sequel subtitle intact). Read on to hear about Mike Bithell’s Volume, the Vita exclusive skateboarding game OlliOlli, and some of the big releases coming to the PS4 and other consoles in the future.

This week’s store update seen the release of the HD remake of the classic PC/Amiga game Flashback, Japan Studios fantastic looking rain, and the extreme sports title Skydive: Proximity Flight. If you read that and are wondering what exactly proximity flying is and if Skydive: Proximity Flight is any good make sure to give our review a read, it might just convince you to dust off those Move controllers for some cliff diving action.

Until next week here is your PSNStores Weekly Roundup:


Amiga and PC classic Flashback completely reworked in HD on PSN
Nnooo’s Blast ‘Em Bunnies Coming to PS4 and Vita


★★★★1/2☆ Skydive: Proximity Flight

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PlayStation Mobile Update

No new releases this week but a patch for Kung Fu FIGHT! is now available that adds PSN leaderboards and Minesweeper revived a price increase to $2.29.

Global Store Update


Flashback – 1.9 GB

PS3 Games

Flashback – $9.99 (1.9 GB)
NBA 2K14 – $59.99 (8.7 GB)
Pro Foosball – $6.49 (766 MB)
rain – $14.99 (2.1 GB)
Skydive: Proximity Flight – $19.99 (744 MB)

PS2 Games

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented – $9.99 (2.9 GB)

Vita Games

Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland – $39.99 (3.0 GB)
Die!Die!Die! – $4.99 (80 MB)