Amiga and PC classic Flashback completely reworked in HD on PSN

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This week’s PSN releases could be easily summarized in one word…rain. But we must pay tribute to some of the other games released alongside the wet wonder of the week. Check out this trailer tailored for the PSN release of a classic game many may have played back in 1992 or ’93.

Or not…and thanks to modern technology, YouTube, and fancy video editing we can enjoy a tasty trailer that shows us just what we need to know for an educated purchase.  Make an important note somewhere on your body with a permanent marker that VectorCell has included the original game as an added bonus.

Did you play the original Flashback on Amiga or PC? Are you open to playing old games made anew on PSN? Leave us a comment down below…

Download Flashback from the PlayStation Store now! Or check out the demo.