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PSNStores Weekly Roundup: September 9th – 15th 2013

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This week I finished up my playthrough of the nostalgic inducing Dragon Fantasy Book II, which was released on the store this week. While I really enjoyed the continuing adventures of Ogden and crew the game is definitely hampered by bugs, which you can all read about in my review later this week.  Of course I supplemented my RPG gameplay with more of the Pinball Arcade. This weeks table was Bride of Pin*Bot which has the distinction of  having one of the highest pinball shots ever worth a billion points, which I must say felt pretty good hitting (not so humble brag). This week coming will be the last week of our tournament, so get ready to finish it off with a bang playing the Twilight Zone table.

For those who just can’t get enough pinball Zen Studios announced that the next round of Star Wars tables will be coming soon and are focused on the original trilogy. The initial Star Wars tables where some of the best that Zen has released and from the look of the screenshots and teaser video these are shaping up quite nicely. Of course Pinball wasnt the only news this week as Ubisoft released a beautiful looking trailer for their PS4 RPG Child of Light along with announcing that a HD version of the once Vita exclusive Assassins Creed Liberation will be coming to PSN later this year. We also got a new trailer for the…ah..unique sounding Girl Fight and a look at Mightly Rocket Studio’s haunted school themed Final Exam.  Finally Killzone Mercenary made its debut on the store earlier this week and has been impressing players, including many of us here at PSNStores. Take a look at Nick’s review of the game to see what makes it a great fit for the Vita and one that first person shooter fans should be playing.


Zen Studios announces next series of Star Wars Pinball tables in Balance of the Force
Ubisoft reveals Child of Light illuminating PS4 next year
Final Exam Cuts onto PSN This November
Assassins Creed Liberation Coming To Consoles in HD
Second Girl Fight trailer showcases Ghost, Viper, and Wrench


★★★★☆ Killzone Mercenary

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PlayStation Mobile Update

Hills of Glory: WWII ( $1.99 / £1.59 / ¥200 )

Global Store Update


Diablo III 1.2 GB
FIFA 14 1.5 GB
Hunter’s Trophy 2: Australia 1.6 GB
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 1.7 GB

PSN Games

Dragon Fantasy: Book II (PS3/Vita) $14.99 (288 MB)
Sanctum 2 (PS3) $14.99 (798 MB)
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD (PS3) $12.99 (573 MB)
Hunter’s Trophy 2: Australia (PS3) $9.99 (1.6 GB)

PS3 Games

NHL 14 $59.99 (6.7 GB)
Puppeteer $39.99 (6.3 GB)

Vita Games

Killzone: Mercenary $35.99 (3.0 GB)

PS2 Games

Mystic Heroes $9.99 (2.9 GB)


Diablo III
PES 2014

PSN Games

Aabs Animals (Vita) – £3.99/€4.99
Hunter’s Trophy 2: Australia (PS3) £7.99/€9.99
Kickbeat (PS3/Vita) – £7.29/€8.99
Sparkle (Vita) – £3.99/€4.99

PS3 Games

NHL 14 – £55.99/€69.99
Puppeteer – £24.99/€39.99
Street Fighter x Tekken – £15.99/€19.99

Vita Games

Rayman Legends – £29.99/€34.99


PES 2014

PS3 Games

Air Conflicts Vietnam – ¥6500 (3.8 GB)
Street Fighter x Tekken – ¥3990 (12.8 GB)
Under Defeat HD – ¥1900 (290 MB)

PS1 Games

Zutto Issho – ¥600 (177 MB)


Eien Shiken Set (PSP) – ¥5500 (2.4 GB)


Visualizer – HK$21 (11 MB)


Diablo III (PS3)
FIFA 14 (PS3)
PES 2014 (PS3)
Ragnarok Odyssey ACE (Vita)
Rayman Legends (Vita)
Toukiden (Vita)

PS3 Games

Mamorukun Curse! – HK$155 (1.3 GB)
Street Fighter x Tekken – HK$250 (12.8 GB)

Vita Games

Rayman Legends – HK$298 (1.0 GB)