The Pinball Arcade for PS4 has an official trailer

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FarSight Studios is readying The Pinball Arcade for a launch release alongside the November 15th launch of the PlayStation 4 in North America. They’ve released their first trailer showcasing a couple tables with all the bells and whistles the new hardware has to offer. It’s available now for download from the PlayStation Store, or just watch it above.

Even though FarSight Studios has confirmed The Pinball Arcade will not be Cross-Buy on PS4, does this trailer entice you to rebuy? Is there anyone that has not playing The Pinball Arcade on PS3 or Vita that intends to get it on PS4 only? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Freelance

    See that? Now that looks like an actual pinball machine in the dark with all the neon-y lights flashing and things. I hope the PC version would have this sort of lighting further down the line, because I probably won’t get any future consoles. I largely prefer PC and handhelds.

    I can’t wait for the new Pro Pinball tables too, remastered.

    • KosmoCrisis

      There thing is to turn off all the lights around the table and let the table’s own internal lights illuminate the playfield. This is impressive.

    • Freelance

      Indeed. I’ve seen videos/pics of fully illuminated pins. You don’t need lights at all, just the pin lights is enough. It’s amazing how FS managed to do this on a console. I’d love to go to a pinball museum at night and witness all these pins in their colourful glory.

      If I ever decide to get a PS4, TPA would be the very first game I’d get.

  • Sector415

    I wasn’t too impressed with TPA on my Vita, having been spoiled by Zen Pinball already (on both platforms). But this has captured my attention so I’ll definitely be giving it a look when my PS4 arrives.

  • Agent X

    Although they don’t have cross-buy on the game itself, it would be nice if they could at least offer cross-buy for the additional table packs.

    I’ve got the game on PS3 and Vita now, but haven’t purchased any table packs yet. If they could confirm that table packs could be carried over to PS4, then that would encourage me to buy some tables now, in anticipation of being able to play them on PS4 as well.

    • Freelance

      There will be a discount, so that’s something.

    • KosmoCrisis

      This is unconfirmed as far as I know. But I did ask about this just now. I’m expecting them to say they aren’t prepared to talk about it yet.

  • FriedConsole

    Nope. Pinball is a Vita thing for me. I don’t even have it installed on my PS3. Seems much more responsive on Vita. Some table like Twilight Zone have too much going on for the little screen tho.

    • Freelance

      Yup yup. I play TPA and Zen Pinball exclusively on the Vita.

    • Luke

      Try changing the resolution to 720p and play it on PS3 again. Due to scaling it gets a ridiculous amount of input lag on 1080p mode.

    • Ellie

      Pinball is a Vita thing for me too. Love being able to play anywhere! Without Cross-Buy, this is a no go for me.

  • dudicle

    I am looking forward to seeing Zen pinball on ps4. Hopefully cross buy. Zen pinball on a 3d tv is awesome.

  • Denvertick

    Game unplayable on PS4. Too much lag. Doesn’t matter if I switch to 720p