PAYDAY 2 Patch In Cert, Should Be Out Next Week

Posted by on August 17th, 2013 | 8 Comments | Tags:

If you are following us on Twitter, you know I am a little upset about PAYDAY 2 right now. The matchmaking servers are totally busted as seen in this video.

The game is pretty much unable at the moment, unless you have a dedicated group of friends. However, Overkill did finally announce that a patch is coming in the near future.

PS3 heisters, we have a patch coming through certification as we speak. We will update the game early next week with a match making fix.

I have decided that I will hold off reviewing the game until this patch is released. Matchmaking isn’t my only complaint with the game, but it is a big enough one that it will greatly affect the score I am giving it.

So sit tight and look forward to my review sometime next week.

  • CF

    Like a splitscreen co-op also?? Maybe some floor plans/blueprint of the building your heisting?

    • Jono

      You can buy blueprints in the asset tab on the mission load out screen. Hope this helps.

  • Andrew Zinner

    They need to patch the random unlock system. It’s completely fucking retarded.

  • Marc12394

    Well at least that’s fixed up already 🙂

  • Cobra

    Psn- Cobra-System English with a mic

  • Snapkill

    PS3 people add me I’m on it reasonably regularly 🙂 No mic yet but English! 🙂 PSN: SnapKill

  • Ben Dodd

    This game is in my opinion completely broken and almost unplayable. This product should not have been released in its current condition. It feels like they rushed the game and sale date to get sales before some of the big titles come out. Poor form.

    • Ben Dodd

      Alot of unhappy people on this one. A great idea wasted. Hopefully that fix these problems ASAP.