PAYDAY 2 Patch In Cert, Should Be Out Next Week

Posted by on August 17th, 2013 | 8 Comments | Tags:

If you are following us on Twitter, you know I am a little upset about PAYDAY 2 right now. The matchmaking servers are totally busted as seen in this video.

The game is pretty much unable at the moment, unless you have a dedicated group of friends. However, Overkill did finally announce that a patch is coming in the near future.

PS3 heisters, we have a patch coming through certification as we speak. We will update the game early next week with a match making fix.

I have decided that I will hold off reviewing the game until this patch is released. Matchmaking isn’t my only complaint with the game, but it is a big enough one that it will greatly affect the score I am giving it.

So sit tight and look forward to my review sometime next week.